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Zolli bar

Nashville's Zolli Koffee blends together the perfect amount of quirk & charm that we search for in an independently owned cafe. Located next to Jackalope Brewery on 8th Ave S. Zollie's coffee, baked goods, & food selection make it a great destination for breakfast, lunch, or a quick snack.

Zolli z

Zollie Wilson

The shop is owned & operated by Zollie himself. Zollie's mother graces customers with her delectable homemade baked goods and Zollie's brother is the mastermind behind the flavorfull krispy treats.

Zolli pastry

Baked Goods

Whoa Mama! Zollie's mom is the sweetest! Featuring homemade muffins, & cookies. You'll have a hard time prying your nose away from the pastry case. and we haven't even mentioned the coffee cake! You can try them all.


Serving a variety of breakfast foods that range from light & healthy to classic & comforting; to a craveable lunch/dinner menu of sandwiches & salad paired with classic & creative coffee beverages. Zollie Promises to quell all your cravings.

Zolli lobby 2